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Welcome to Sherwood

Sherwood has been a family homestead for 25 years and is a 60-acre nature haven.
It has been a self-sufficient organic farm for most of that time with a Steiner-based kindergarten and small school that nurtured a generation of children.

Sherwood continues to evolve and explore ways to support the flourishing of humans, nature and community and is now transitioning into a treatment, training and retreat centre for Chinese Medicine, the healing arts, self-cultivation and ways for well-being.

Sherwood is home to:

Sherwood Healing Arts Clinic: our full-service Chinese medical clinic and integrated natural medicine practice for private consultations.

Sherwood Institute for Healing Arts: an educational institute offering professional training and advanced continuing education in Chinese Medicine, Daoist Internal Arts and a diverse range of natural medicine and healing modalities.

Sherwood Retreat Centre: Sherwood offers a nourishing and inspiring venue for retreats, events, workshops, kids-camps, outdoor education, eco-therapy and community gatherings.

Sherwood Cottage Hospital: an initiative to develop a community clinic that offers viable, affordable and effective primary care with natural medicine for the West Cork region whilst providing clinical supervision for students and encouraging exchange of knowledge and skills between health professionals.

Sherwood Botanicals: at Sherwood, we explore the exquisite reciprocity that can develop from a more conscious relationship with nature. From ethical land-husbandry, to growing healing gardens and herbal crops and developing a range of natural medicine products, we are dedicated to honouring our inter-connectedness with nature.