Sherwood Botanicals

At Sherwood, we explore the exquisite reciprocity that can develop from a more conscious relationship with nature.

From ethical land-husbandry to growing healing gardens and herbal crops and developing a range of natural medicine products, we are dedicated to honouring our inter-connectedness with nature.

Sherwood Botanicals Club

This is a fun, informal club for nature lovers, natural medicine enthusiasts, fans of foraging and community-minded folk, who are keen to revive, restore and preserve Ireland’s ancient culture of natural folk medicine and living off the land.

We meet quarterly to share ideas, forage seasonal delights, make folk medicine, experiment with home-made skincare, cook with nature’s pantry and take time out to slow-down and quite literally, smell the roses.

Please email us with your expression of interest to be put on the mailing list.

Passion Project – Researching and Archiving Indigenous Irish Folk Medicine

An area of special interest at Sherwood is an ongoing research project that seeks to re-discover, record, document and archive the traditional remedies, medical and healing practices and herblore of Ireland’s traditional folk medicine. Typically, older members of the community hark from an era when folk medicine prevailed, and the community healer was a fount of medicinal wisdom and natural remedies for both people and animals, empirically tried and tested down through the generations. Our Old Timers are a precious resource of valuable wisdom previously preserved by the oral tradition and handed down from generation to generation. Please contact Freya Sherlock if you can recommend anyone with knowledge or memoirs of Irish folk medicine willing to be interviewed and recorded for this research and archive project.