Sherwood Healing Arts Clinic is a collaboration of practitioners promoting a centre of excellence as an integrated and inter-professional approach to the treatment of a diverse range of health issues and conditions.

Typically, patients find they have to navigate for themselves, the plethora of natural health therapies available and are often understandably unsure of what may be the most appropriate course of treatment for their needs and conditions. In response to this, Sherwood Healing Arts Clinic aims to make that process easier by offering a patient-centred approach that draws on the combined expertise and experience of a collaboration of practitioners, all skilled in their respective fields.

Taking a 360 degree view of a patient’s health invariably requires a truly holistic treatment strategy that may well need to encompass a multi-disciplinary approach to address the many factors that contribute to health and illness. No single modality has all the answers and no single practitioner suits everyone. However, for the more discerning patient who wishes to not only address their immediate health issues but be guided in making more profound lifestyle changes to support a healthier way of life, Sherwood Healing Arts Clinic offers a way to plan the most appropriate course of action and treatment tailored to meet your unique needs.

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

Women’s Health and Fertility

Tui Na Medical Massage and Sports Injuries

Cranial Osteopathy

Psychotherapy and Counselling

Western Herbal Medicine

Vibronic Homeopathy

Intensive Treatment Retreats

The Team at Sherwood Healing Arts Clinic

Freya Sherlock

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Consultant

Freya Sherlock began her career and vocation in Chinese Medicine in 1988 with a two-year diploma in Shen Dao Acupressure. With this foundation woven into the fabric of her being, she practised these formative skills whilst raising her four children, co-running the family organic farm and co-founding and project managing a Steiner-based school for 3-12 year olds. Keen to deepen her knowledge and skills, she went on to study a four-year BSc Hons level in Traditional Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture, Tui Na, Moxibustion, Cupping), followed by a five-year Master’s Degree in Chinese Herbal Medicine. She trains ongoingly with her Neigong and Daoist Medicine teacher, Damo Mitchell of Lotus Neigong International to continually deepen her self-cultivation and acupuncture practice. Alongside this, she is researching and extensively studying Classical Chinese Herbal Medicine with Dr. Feng Shi-Lun and Dr. Suzanne Robidoux in China, an almost lost but profound Chinese medical tradition.

Women’s Health and Fertility: following her specialist training in gynaecology and obstetrics with Dr. Trevor Wing, Freya offers natural treatment for women’s health, fertility, pregnancy, birth support and post-natal care as well as providing adjunct treatment to support those undergoing IVF.

Private practice: Freya provides Acupuncture and Moxibustion together with bespoke personalised prescriptions of Chinese Herbal Medicine as a powerful but natural treatment regimen for a wide range of medical condition, in addition to Tui Na Medical Massage and Cupping Therapy for musculo-skeletal conditions and sports injuries. In response to the emerging needs in the current health climate, she is increasingly sought for primary healthcare, natural fertility, neurological conditions, digestive disorders and chemotherapy support.


Consultation and treatment with acupuncture, tui-na, moxibustion and cupping as appropriate:

  • First consult €75
  • Follow-up treatments €60

Chinese Herbal Medicine prescriptions: these vary according the personalised composition and are ordered via a dispensary service, typically costing €25 – 35 pw.

Felicity O’Connolly


Psychotherapy and my approach to it

Psychotherapy is a form of therapy where client and therapist meet and create a space for healing and personal growth. I have trained in an integrative approach to psychotherapy so that I can draw from a variety of models depending on the needs of my client. Therapy can involve talking about feelings, thoughts and experiences and can also include the use of art, movement, meditation and expanding awareness of breath and the body. So often we can feel trapped by past pain or worried and anxious about potential future pain. Psychotherapy can help bring us more into the present moment and into fulfilled satisfied living.
I practice a form of psychotherapy which is person-centred and humanistic, meaning the individual experiences and needs of my client are at the core of my work. I create a safe space, free of judgement, in which to explore difficult or painful issues in a compassionate way.

Psychotherapy can help with issues such as anxiety, depression, loss, loneliness, isolation, relationship difficulties, major life changes, trauma, self-harm and low self-esteem as well as many other emotional difficulties we, as human beings, can experience. The relief from simply acknowledging and naming our pain and vulnerability with another person can be immense. Therapy can be a precious gift to give oneself.

At the beginning of therapy, I agree with my client on the regularity of sessions which is typically weekly. The duration of therapy varies from client to client and again, this is a matter we discuss and agree together and review as necessary.

I have been working with clients in Cork City and Dunmanway since 2015 and am about to complete a diploma in Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy with the Flatstone Institute. I am currently working towards full accreditation as a psychotherapist.

My fee is 35euro per session. In some circumstances I can operate a sliding scale.

Contact Felicity to arrange a session on 089 4437670

Petra Florence

Cranial Osteopath

Petra runs her osteopathic practice in Limerick but offers an out-reach clinic at Sherwood Healing Arts Clinic.

Mobile phone: 089 4626074