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The practice of Acupuncture has undergone significant changes in the last century as authorities in China sought to radically and rapidly modernize many aspects of their culture. Following a major overhaul of their healthcare, their own medical tradition of Acupuncture was stripped back to a simpler and more commodifiable version that was then ironically christened Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), although this is in fact, a relatively recent development. While TCM does still contain many essential elements of Acupuncture theory and practice, it has, in this form, arguably lost much of its heart and soul. In response to this, there is a growing renaissance world-wide that seeks to reclaim, revive and preserve the deeper teachings and skills of practitionership, generally referred to as Classical Chinese Medicine (CCM).

At Sherwood Healing Arts, we are dedicated to studying, researching, practicing and teaching Chinese Medicine in a way that honours the more esoteric heart and soul of this medical tradition whilst rigorously training students in the extant medical theory and clinical skills necessary for competent practitionership. As such, we aim to pioneer a new programme in Ireland that embraces and teaches both TCM and CCM with a consistent focus on self-cultivation throughout.

Programme syllabus coming soon, details TBC
Please email us with your expression of interest as places will be limited.

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