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Chinese Herbal Medicine (CHM) is a rich tapestry of medical lineages and navigating the diverse range of schools of thought and clinical application can be baffling for a newcomer to this healing art. Stephen Schleipfer and Freya Sherlock have extensive knowledge and experience of both the more modern Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) approach and the much older, original Classical Chinese Medicine (CCM)

In this new course, they aim to offer a pioneering approach to learning Chinese Herbal Medicine in Ireland, one that is deeply rooted in studying the classics that form the bedrock of CHM (but which are rarely taught in modern programmes) whilst giving a rigorous course of study in all aspects of the theory, practice and clinical application of CHM. Students will work towards developing an advanced understanding of diagnostics and internal energetics so they are equipped to prescribe herbs at a highly competent level. Student clinics will operate in conjunction with the Sherwood Cottage Hospital project.

This course is for qualified acupuncturists only.
Programme syllabus coming soon, details TBC
Please email us with your expression of interest as places will be limited.

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