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Building on from the Neigong Introductory Weekend, we are fortunate to have a year of foundational training planned with Sophie Johnson for 2020. This year will consist of:

  • 3 x long weekends (Fri afternoon – Sun afternoon) in Feb, April, Sept
  • 1 x intensive (Fri morn – Mon afternoon) in Dec

During the year, Sophie will lead the group through some of the foundational practices that enable the Neigong process to unfold. It is essential that students are able to commit to maintaining regular practice in order to get the most out this year.

Dates TBC
Details TBC

This course is particularly suited to Chinese Medicine practitioners but is open to all those interested in discovering the extraordinary world of Neigong.
Please email us with your expression of interest as places will be limited
Participation in the Neigong Introductory Weekend is strongly advised.

Read more at Sherwood Institute for Healing Arts.