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The art of pulse-taking is a fundamental and vital skill in Chinese Medicine and yet it is one of the least understood. Modern training programmes are often quite limited in their access to masters of pulse-taking and consequently, students often express that they graduate without any significant skill in this crucial diagnostic tool.

This course aims to give students and graduates access to a pulse-taking intensive to help address this issue. We will visit several outreach healthcare clinics to give us an opportunity to palpate a variety of pulses indicative of a diverse range of pathologies. Under the expertise of Stephen Schleipher, participants will be closely coached in how to interpret the pulses and improve their precision in pulse-taking.

Further to this, students will participate in Sherwood Cottage Hospital clinic days with mornings spent doing consultations and treatments, continuing the focus on pulse-taking, with the afternoons dedicated to doing thorough case analyses of the morning’s clinic.

This course is for qualified acupuncturists only.
Programme syllabus coming soon, details TBC
Please email us with your expression of interest as places will be limited.

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