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Residential Treatment Intensives

For those whose health and wellbeing are in need of a major overhaul, our Treatment Intensive Retreats are designed to support you in taking time-out from the pace and distraction of your everyday life so you can attend to yourself and your health needs in a dedicated way. We offer a 360-degree approach that aims to help you explore and dive deeply into every aspect of your life, identifying key issues that you wish to address. There may be one or several key foci that are contributing to your illness or health issues, stress or burnout, overwhelm or underwhelm, personal challenges or lifestyle hurdles. Multi-faceted problems need multi-faceted solutions.

We offer a self-contained cottage with a mezzanine bedroom, ensuite and kitchenette-cum-living room in which to nestle in cozily for your retreat. Prior preliminary consultation is necessary as these retreats are bespoke and tailored to your specific needs and treatment requirements, but the following elements are woven together to create a powerfully therapeutic retreat:

  • An initial full consultation with Chinese Medicine practitioner Freya Sherlock to assess the full scope of your needs
  • A retreat plan is agreed and established
  • 1-2 treatments per day as appropriate, which may be Acupuncture, Tuina, Psychotherapy, emotional release or guided self-enquiry
  • Morning stretching and gentle yoga
  • Morning meditation
  • Evening check-in and guided self-reflection
  • Organic wholefood meals in accordance with your Chinese Medicine health assessment (all dietary preferences or requirements are catered for except for severe nut allergies)
  • Chinese Herbal Medicine formulas are prescribed and freshly decocted each day according to your medical consultation
  • 60 acres of our nature haven and gardens to explore, relax and reflect in
  • Use of the cabin-cum-sunroom that opens out to the gardens and views

Available as three, five or seven-day retreats.
Initial consult fee: €75
Retreat fee: €275 euro per day includes accommodation, meals, 2 treatments per day and morning yoga/stretching or meditation
Chinese Herbal Medicine: €15 per day extra

3-day retreat @ €900 (not including CHM)
5-day retreat @ €1,350 (not including CHM)
7-day retreat @ €1,850 (not including CHM)

Detox and Weight-Loss Retreat

This will be an intensive week of carefully guided fasting using Wildfit principles to deeply detox and cleanse the body. This retreat is for those wishing to make significant changes to how and what they eat, to purge the body of toxins that perpetuate unhealthy food choices and eating habits. This is a deep dive approach and it is important to digitally detox while physically detoxing so that you enter more fully into the process and make lasting changes to your whole health.

Details TBC.
Places will be limited so please email us with your expression of interest.

The Art of Being Patient

As much as there is an art to being a skilled healthcare practitioner, equally there is an art to being a patient. With the modern pace of life and our growing expectation for instant gratification, the art of being patient can be overlooked and underestimated as a vital aspect of the treatment process. While pharmaceutical interventions can offer welcome short cuts to symptom management, for those wishing to restore true health, a more profound engagement with their treatment will be necessary and very likely, more rewarding.


Tania’s endorsement

I’m sitting here in the most stunning, spacious light-drenched cabin overlooking to-die-for views of wild nature, watching the most amazing avian display in the garden – flocks of goldfinches, bullfinches, greenfinches and cheeky blue tits tumble and dance around the bird feeders, I am drawn fully into the present moment as I watch their antics with delight and fascination…

The log burner gently crackles its reassuring warmth, a rare peace and stillness in spades abounds all around… the only sounds are the chirping birds, the gentle ‘soft’ Irish rain and the crackling of the fire.

In this deep quiet and space I slowly feel myself returning to something resembling ‘myself.

The ravages of that mad rush, stress, and crazy-paced working lifestyle begin to subside,

I begin to remember what if feels like to inhabit a realm of ‘slow’, a more natural human rhythm of life.

For a few precious days of reflective retreat and bespoke nature-healing cure at Freya’s breathtakingly beautiful slice of Irish paradise, it doesn’t get more reconnecting and restorative than this…