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Western Herbal Medicine (WHM)

Western Herbal Medicine (WHM) has evolved over thousands of years through deep communion and acute perception of the natural world around us, so developing sophisticated and powerful systems of medicine. A growing resurgence of interest in indigenous medical traditions and herblore has led to a proliferation of natural cosmetic and skin care ranges joining the market place. The power of plants to heal is being increasingly researched as natural medicine gains popularity as the treatment of choice for primary care.

The beauty of Western Herbal Medicine is in the accessibility of the plants within our immediate environment and ecosystem. This tradition lends itself well to home remedies for simple everyday illnesses, while more complex pathologies will need the expertise of trained professionals to compose polyherb formulations individually tailored to treat the cause of dysfunction and imbalance by addressing the whole person holistically.

The Healing Power of Nature

Western Herbal Medicine works with a belief in vis medicatrix naturae – the healing power of nature. Optimum health is regarded as being in proper alignment with nature and the vital forces that enable self-healing. The practitioner’s key responsibility is to help the patient stand in right-relationship with nature and themselves so that the self-healing vitality can be generated.

At Sherwood Healing Arts, we are exploring and cultivating a unique fusion of herbal traditions, integrating the paradigm of Chinese Herbal Medicine with its extraordinary understanding of the energetic reality of human physiology together with Irish indigenous herblore and the intimate knowledge of plant medicine that has been handed down from generation to generation.

Here at Sherwood we are developing extensive medicinal gardens to supply fresh organically grown herbs and plants for our apothecary of medicinal quality tinctures, balms, teas and liniments.